Mansfield Palace Youth Theatre Group to premiere new play

All Janus' Children
All Janus' Children

How would young people across two different time zones survive in an adultless world?

That is the question posed in a new play to be premiered by Mansfield Palace Youth Theatre group, Stage Left and Stage Right Seniors.

All Janus’ Children has been commissioned from local playwright Jack Burrows who worked with directors and students to develop ideas through workshopping and improvisation.

Christopher Neil, education manager at the theatre, said: “The playwright created a fictitious situation where the Gods in charge of time were trying an experiment by looking at how young people survive in different time zones. The students inspired and developed the ideas of two time zones, 1865 and 2015, where all adults and children below the age of 12 have disappeared and helped the playwright to shape the characters and the worlds in which they exist.”

All Janus’ Children will be staged at Mansfield Palace Theatre on February 11 and 12 at 7pm.