Josie’s new show is Long on laughs

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Josle Long can be seen at Nottingham Playhouse on March 16.

Following the international sell-out success of her previous show Cara Josephine across the UK, Europe, in Australia and New York, the star of BBC Radio 4’s Romance and Adventure, All of the Planet’s Wonders and presenter of Short Cuts tours her eighth solo stand-up show nationwide in 2017.

Josie’s 34. She thought by now that she would have children, and be in love, and have a country that didn’t vote with the far right parties to march us all off a cliff. And that she would be able to do all the awesome stuff that activists do. She thought we would have won by now. Oh, and she wanted to be taller and better looking. This is a show about optimism and hopefulness, about looking for people and finding things to look up to.

For details, call 0115 9419419.

Photo by Phil Chambers