Ross Noble is having a Brain Dump in Nottingham

Ross Noble is live in Nottingham next week
Ross Noble is live in Nottingham next week

The king of improvisational comedy, Ross Noble returns to Nottingham next week with his new show Brain Dump.

A true master of surreal tangents, the Geordie funnyman will be at the Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday, October 19.

During his shows he is known to dabble onto one topic and then drift off into something totally different after talking to an audience member about something completely unrelated.

The amusing title of this latest tour came from a review of one his previous shows.

He recalled: “I got it from a customer review on Amazon for one of my DVDs.

“They wrote, ‘this is just like a massive brain dump,’ and I thought, oh yeah, that’s exactly what my stuff is, I’ll have that.”

As everybody’s favourite randomist, Noble’s on-stage exuberance and cerebral style have established him as one of the best live comedians in the world.

As always, he has lots of stuff backing up in his head and it’s time to let it all out.

As ever, he will making much of it up as he goes along, taking audiences on a different journey each night.

And it’s the challenge and unpredictably of that approach that makes it fun in his eyes.

He continued: “The risk of that is all relative, it’s like driving a car.

“After 25 years you don’t get in a car and go, ‘what if this goes wrong?’

“If you hit a few bumps in the road you just think, ‘oh, this is fun, let’s bounce around for a bit.”

“The main change to my comedy over the years is that, because I’ve built up this really loyal audience, there’s more of a shorthand.

“When I first started, if I was talking about something a bit leftfield people would go ‘oh god, where’s he going with this?’

“Whereas now, that’s what people want, they go, ‘oh right, where’s he going with this?’”

Tickets for his Nottingham show are £25on 0115 9895555 or