Review: Everton Players have their audience grinning like Cheshire Cats with latest production

The Everton Players presented the comedy Cheshire Cats
The Everton Players presented the comedy Cheshire Cats

It would be a play like no other we were told as we arrived, and were invited to join in the fun of Cheshire Cats at Everton Village Hall.

The capacity audience was treated to an evening of comedy and talented acting, expertly directed by David Larder.

Cheshire Cats, by Gail Young, follows a team of women in their preparations for the Moon Walk to raise funds for breast cancer research.

The strength of the comic acting encouraged the audience to join in as the Players sympathetically enhanced the comical atmosphere of the script. The five women in the team were individually and collectively very funny and each had a well acted soliloquy including Maggie’s final poignant piece from the following year.

The Players captured the spirit of the Moon Walk, from the camaraderie of everyone wearing bras at a huge single focus event to the prosaic problems with chafing and the queues for the loos!

Ethel and Madge were a delightful comedy duo along the route.

The added comedy of a young man in the Cheshire Cats team gave Yvonne the opportunity to express her feelings wonderfully.

Vicky was the smitten older woman, Hilary was the convincing team leader with her own personal target who was persuaded by the thoughtful Siobhan that the importance of the whole team reaching the finishing line together was paramount.

The silver foil cloaks as they crossed the line was brilliantly accompanied by the Chariots of Fire theme music.

It was an entertaining performance where the Everton Players talked the talk and convinced us all that they walked the walk too!

Sitting in the audience were a number of women who had actually taken part in the real Moon Walk.

They commented on the authenticity of the play, reminding them of the blisters on their sore feet, the sights of London as they walked through the city at night, the foil capes and medals at the end, and the fact that there never seemed to be enough toilets!

They even stood up in their seats and did warm up exercises as instructed to by the aerobics Instructor at the start of the walk.

One lady enjoyed the show so much she said ‘I would have paid £100 to see that!’

Suffice to say that the audience filled the collecting boxes, and Everton Village Players raised £380 for breast cancer research.

Well done Players.