Orbison act at the Majestic

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A very special night of music is promised at Retford’s Majestic Theatre as Barry Steele’s spectacular tribute to Roy Orbison arrives in town.

The performance, which will be held on Saturday 15th June, will be a multi-media tribute to the Big O, incorporating all his classic tracks, from his 1960s hits through to his time with the Traveling Wilburys in the late 1980s.

Using original film footage from the era and backed by his own five-piece band, Steele brings Orbison back to life with his soaring vocals, emotional ballads and trademark dark-rimmed glasses.

Steele will not be alone at the Majestic, as the venue transforms into a house of rock n roll.

Peter Jackson also stars with his famous Johnny Cash tribute.

And Boogie Williams completes the star-studded line-up with his own nod to Jerry Lee Lewis.

Charlie North-Lewis, who used to mix sound for Roy Orbison, described Steele’s performance as ‘one heck of a show’.

He added: “Barry Steele is the closest I’ve seen to the real thing.”

The performance will get underway at the Majestic at 7.30pm, with tickets priced at £18.50 each.

To book, contact the Majestic Theatre on 01777 706866.