Notts: InMe heading for Rock City as part of latest UK tour

InMe are live at Rock City next month
InMe are live at Rock City next month

Rock quartet InMe are heading out on the road again next month for a handful of live dates around the country.

And they will be at Rock City in Nottingham on 12th May.

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of InMe forming and releasing their first material.

And the band have recently revealed they are currently in the studio working on a mammoth three-record concept album project.

The band launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund the first part, entitled The Trilogy: Dawn on Good Friday, with the first single from the album, Ivory Elder, to follow.

“Ivory Elder explores the idea of cycles of alcohol abuse and the idea that the sins of the father are visited by the son, in many cases,” said front man Dave McPherson.

“This is the first album of the Trilogy which begins with youth and growing up.”

“The sub-heading of this song is Hymn, referring to music and my father is one of the integral reasons I became so passionate about music.”

“We’ve also both had our fair share of drinking so it all links together with hints of his influential (on me) piano playing, escapism and excuses.”

“At the core of it though it’s a kind song, also very refined and catchy which made it the obvious launch single for us.”

“The video was shot by Dan Eden .”

“It’s a frenetic live performance video using lots of colour and intensity.”

“It’s also the first InMe video I’ve been a part of in my thirties so naturally I’m finally wearing a smart shirt in a vain attempt to appear grown-up.”

Tickets for their Rock City gig are available now on 0845 4134444 or online at