Star DJ Craig brings his Funk and Soul Club to Sheffield venue

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The hugely popular actor, comedian, author, poet, television presenter and DJ Craig Charles is to appear at the Sheffield Plug on Sunday, May 6.

He has continuously toured The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club since 2008, bringing live DJ sets to nightclubs, festivals, and special events throughout the UK and beyond and this spring and summer are no different.

Charles plays a mixture of well-known, classic funk and soul tracks, usually covered and remixed by current leading bands and DJs, along with the latest soon to be classic songs.

He said: “The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s high-octane good time music. It’s two pounds of funk in a one pound bag. I play funk and soul music and try to mix it up. I play a lot of psychedelic soul like Sandie Shaw’s version of Sympathy for the Devil and The Voices of East Harlem’s Run Shaker Run.

“I also play more heavy beats, afro beats and the like. People come for a good time. It’s a chilled out crowd. People are there for the music and lot of the people who come are generally quite knowledgeable about music. We get a lot of young people at the shows but there’s a vast age range. Older cats can come and step out too.”

Phot by Max Miechowski/Fanatic