Mission man Wayne Hussey has solo Sheffield date

Wayne Hussey is live in Sheffield in May. Picture: Paul Grace
Wayne Hussey is live in Sheffield in May. Picture: Paul Grace

Wayne Hussey is taking a break from his day job as leader of the British rock band, The Mission, to go out and play a fistful of solo shows this spring.

And he will be at The Foundry in Sheffield on May 1.

The tour is entitled Aniversario Tour as the Portuguese word, aniversario translates as birthday and these shows are a way for Wayne to celebrate his upcoming 60th.

In fact, the final show of the tour in on his actual birthday on May 26 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he has lived for the last 17 years.

Wayne said: “I was talking with Cinthya, my wife, and she was asking me what would I would most like to do for my birthday.

“Besides the obvious I replied, ‘play a show’ and she suggested I do so.

“As the band is on a sabbatical it has to be solo and as rehearsing for one show takes as much time and preparation as it does for a whole tour, one thing led to another and here I am.

“I shall expect lots of presents and happy birthday to be sang to me at all these shows.

“I’m writing my memoirs at the moment and it’s keeping me rooted indoors and to my desk, so a chance to get away and make a bit of music for a couple of weeks will be more than welcome, I expect, come May.

“I’m sure cabin fever will have set in by then.”

Tickets for his Sheffield show are available at http://bit.ly/2nsV1KL