Little to complain about at Little Chef

Guardian Gourmet, Little Chef, Markham Moor (w120723-1)
Guardian Gourmet, Little Chef, Markham Moor (w120723-1)

My memories of Little Chef come from when I was a small child, and they weren’t particularly pleasant ones.

Following a family day trip somewhere we would pop in for a bite to eat - but not because of the food, because of its convenience and closeness to the main roads home.

Therefore when myself and two colleagues decided to eat at the restaurant at Markham Moor, I didn’t hold out much hope.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We walked into a bright and airy restaurant, which was a nice surprise and welcome after walking in from the pouring rain.

We were shown to a booth in the window and looked through the two menus.

The first was called ‘the nation’s favourites’ and had on it some of our best loved dishes - chicken tikka masala; ham, egg and chips and giant Yorkshire pudding.

The second was a more extensive menu which had on a wide variety of meals, from snacks and sandwiches to lasagne, sausage and mash, and burgers - and of course what Little Chef is best known for, its all day breakfasts.

Our drinks order was taken by a friendly waitress, before returning to take our food.

I ordered the toasted club sandwich on brown and chose the skinny fries, ahead of chunky chips and jacket potato, for £6.99.

My colleagues ordered the pesto and mozzarella burger with onion marmalade (£6.99) and the chicken fillet burger (£6.99) - both with skinny fries.

We all commented on how extensive the menu was and how much it had changed from what we remembered.

My club sandwich was delicious and looked exactly like the picture in the menu. It was huge with crispy chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato and salad, and I struggled to finish it all.

The chips, which came with their skins on, were cooked to perfection and the perfect accompaniment to all our meals.

My colleague said her chicken fillet burger was delightful and the coated chicken breast was succulent and not greasy at all. The soft and fresh burger bun and tangy relish, lettuce and tomato added to the freshness and the whole meal was filling but not too heavy.

My other colleague said her burger was delicious and a welcome change from the usual bland beanburgers on offer at similar places.

One thing that hadn’t changed from being young was the lollipops which came with the bill - sometimes the old things are just the best!

by Sam Chetwynd