Jesus Jones are live in Nottingham

Jesus Jones are live in Nottingham next week
Jesus Jones are live in Nottingham next week

Nineties indie stars Jesus Jones are on back on tour after a break.

Best known for hits like Real, Real Real, International Bright Young Thing and Right Here, Right Now, the band say they are back on the road because they still have fun playing live.

Frontman Mike Edwards said: “We just dropped off the radar for a while.

“We never split, or gave up altogether, we just needed to rediscover how to be a fully-functioning band again.

“We realised it was still fun, so thought why don’t we do more and have more fun?

The band released a new single, How’s This Even Going Down? earlier this year and their new album is due out this month.

Edwards added: “We’re doing the best shows we have ever done, it’s the original line-up getting inspired to make new music.”

Their Rescue Rooms gig is on Tuesday, November 15, ticket details are at