Gainsborough: Firebrand sound of the Tannahill Weavers is coming to Trinity Arts Centre

The Tannahill Weavers are live in Gainsborough next month
The Tannahill Weavers are live in Gainsborough next month

Trailblazers for bringing the traditional Scottish sound to the mainstream ear, the Tannahill Weavers will be playing live at Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough next month.

This dynamic quartet play a potent mixture of traditional ballads and fiery instrumentals.

As tight and versatile as any band in the Celtic music scene, the Tannahills can summon rock & roll intensity or haunting introspection.

Over the years they have been champions of Scottish music and their tight harmonies and powerful, inventive arrangements has won them fans all over the world.

After releasing their first album in 1976 they became notable for being one of the first popular bands to incorporate the sound of the Great Highland Bagpipe in an ensemble setting.

And in doing so helped to change the sound of Scottish traditional music.

They continue to tour and release new recordings. They are named after Scottish poet Robert Tannahill, known as the ‘weaver poet,’ and have recorded several of his songs.

They are in Gainsborough on Friday, 13th February. Tickets are available on 01427 676655 or