Field Music to play live instore at Rough Trade Nottingham

Field Music are playing live at Rough Trade in Nottingham next week. Picture: Andy Martin
Field Music are playing live at Rough Trade in Nottingham next week. Picture: Andy Martin

New band Field Music are performing an in-store gig at Rough Trade in Nottingham next week to promote their new album Commontime.

The band will be playing Nottingham on Tuesday, February 9 at 7pm.

Commontime is the first album from Sunderland siblings Peter and David Brewis since 2012’s Plumb.

Written and recorded in spontaneous bursts over six months in their Wearside studio, Commontime is built around the brothers playing, writing and singing together again after four years of solo works, collaborations and soundtracks.

David explained: “As much fun as we might have had on our own or collaborating, we missed just spending time in the studio, the two of us, trying things out together.”

However, the album also features a wider array of players, including original keyboardist Andrew Moore, Peter’s wife Jennie Brewis and new member of the live band Liz Corney on vocals, along with a panoply of strings and brass.

Whilst Plumb took in wider political themes, Commontime sees a shift in focus.

Real life conversations are replayed, acquaintances come and go, hard won friendships are left to drift, families grow and diffuse snap shots of the everyday are pulled together over the 14 songs; vignettes of north east lives set to a backdrop of anxious funk, strings and rock.

Fans can sample this for themselves at Rough Trade next week and entry to the event is free to anyone with a copy of the new album.

Following on from their instore sessions. the band are also on tour from the end of this month and will be at the Rescue Rooms in Notingham on March 5.

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