County Youth Arts Showcase heads for Nottingham and Mansfield

Photo by Ralph Barklam
Photo by Ralph Barklam

Music industry experts who have worked with the likes of EMI are helping young people across the county prepare for a creative music extravaganza.

Nottinghamshire County Council presents its County Youth Arts Showcase 2015 – with three shows in just one week across the county.

Working alongside County Youth Arts colleagues at Nottinghamshire County Council, there has been support from experts including Simon Tew and Ronnie Sampson, who are commissioned artists at County Youth Arts, in Mansfield. Simon and Ronnie are also full-time musicians who have produced music for EMI.

The events are: Tuesday, February 17, at 7.30pm - Supergroup Showcase at the Royal Concert Hall, in Nottingham

Thursday, February 18 at 7pm - the Able Orchestra featuring students from Fountaindale School, Brunts School and members of the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield.

Friday, February 20 at 7.30pm - Youth Dance Showcase at the Palace Theatre Mansfield.