Lots to laugh about at Nottinghamshire venues later this year with top comic stars

We all like a good laugh so it’s great to see that Nottinghamshire’s venues have plenty of them lined up in the coming months for you to enjoy.

By Steve Eyley
Saturday, 6th August 2022, 12:00 am
See Dick and Dom onstage in Nottingham later this year (Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne)
See Dick and Dom onstage in Nottingham later this year (Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne)

A staggering 20 years after their hit BBC show In Da Bungalow first burst on to our screens, quadruple Bafta award winners Dick & Dom are bringing their own special kind of mayhem to Nottingham Theatre Royal on October 9.

Expect fun for all ages in a show packed with chaos and familiar favourites including Two-Word Tango, Musical Splatues, The Grunty Song, Fairly Hairy Fizzogs, Pants Dance, and of course Bogies, the live show promises to bring the spirit of Da Bungalow back to life.

Expect the unexpected as the legendary Creamy Muck Muck game returns and, with appearances from Diddy Dick and Dom, and D.I Harry Batt, no member of the audience is safe!

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    See www.trch.co.uk for more.

    Meanwhile, the audacious comic and actor Nick Helm is back on tour with What Have We Become?, hot on the heels of a run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

    The show reaches Nottingham Glee on Thursday, October, 20.

    Join Nick as he embarks on a show so insightful, so honest, so legitimate that it will fix all of society’s problems and lead the way to a new plane of existence.

    Austentatious (Photo credit: Robert Viglasky)

    As the survivors of a global pandemic crawl from their fortified boltholes and begin to rebuild society - what is left of them and who amongst them dares to lead them to the light? This is the future. The future is now.

    For tickets, you can check out www.glee.co.uk/nottingham

    Finally, Nottingham Playhouse is the venue for a visit on October 5 by multi-award-winning improvised comedy troupe Austentatious.

    The smash-hit Regency comedy romp is an improvised comedy play starring a cast of the country’s quickest comic performers.

    Check out comic and actor Nick Helm when he performs at Nottingham Glee.

    Every single show the cast conjures up a brand new ‘lost’ Jane Austen novel based on nothing more than a title suggested by the audience.

    No two shows are ever the same, with previous ‘lost’ masterpieces including 'Crazy Rich Georgians', 'Double 0 Darcy' & 'Game of Scones'.

    Performed in period costume with live musical accompaniment, this is a Regency treat guaranteed to delight Austen novices and die-hard fans alike.

    The rotating cast is made up of a host of acclaimed comedy talent including the likes of Cariad Lloyd and Rachel Parris.

    The show stars a varying line-up of the cast at each tour date.

    For more on how to get tickets, you can go to www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk

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