Kieran keen to ensure band keep making Waves ahead of Sheffield show

'We're one of the great hopes of Great British rock'n'roll' claims Circa Waves frontman Kieran Shudall, a man who believes he has the music to back it up.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17th March 2017, 1:54 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:47 am
Circa Waves.
Circa Waves.

The Liverpool quartet of Kieran, guitarist Joe Falconer, bassist Sam Rourke and drummer Colin Jones have just released their second album, Different Creatures, after debut hit Young Chasers two years ago, and kick off a spring tour in Sheffield this weekend.

Kieran says: “We did nine shows last year and I wrote the album at home, so I am looking forward to the tour,

“The tour starts just after the album, because it gives people a few days to learn the words and our fans love learning the words.”

And he admits the new album is more mature than than their debut.

“With the last few years of touring, I was singing the same songs every day,” he says. “I wanted to sing something that means a little bit more to people than just going out and having fun.

“I wanted to write about love and life, about alcohol issues and manic depression. I wanted to do something a bit more personal.”

And with typical rock-star attitude, Kieran says he believes Different Creatures “will blow people away”.

“Chart position doesn’t matter,” he says. “We’re not being to beat Ed Sheeran. We’re never going to be in any sort of chart battle with any of these pop artists.

“What matters to me is people see we are future main stage headliners.

“I know our band has a chance of doing that. I know our band is better than a lot of others.

“I’m proud of my work as a songwriter. We’re a level up from most bands.

“It sounds arrogant, but its the belief I have.”

Beforehand though, the band have a tour to promote the album.

“To get to be a huge band like that, people need to hear the record and realise how good the songs are,” says Kieran

“It’s great having a good album, but if people don’t hear it, it doesn’t matter.

“We want to get out there and play to millions of people and become the biggest rock band in Great Britain.

“When we first started we were just grateful to be there, to play festivals, thinking ‘isn’t this lovely’ as we watched bands from the side of the stage, but we quickly got past that.

“My ambition is to get bigger and better.

“I want to be playing main stages and big venues and the rest of the band feel the same.”

And it is this ambition which inspires the band to put everything into their liveshows.

“There’s no point being a lamp post on stage,” says Kieran. “We give everything to every song. We play every gig like it’s our last. We come off stage and our hands are bleeding and Colin is throwing up because he’s been drumming for an hour.

“It is damaging to us, but we believe people deserve that.”

Circa Waves play Sheffield’s O2 Academy on Saturday, March 18. For tickets, see