Have a Dandy Warhols time without getting drunk, says Tramlines headliner

The Dandy WarholsThe Dandy Warhols
The Dandy Warhols
Tramlines headliners The Dandy Warhols kick off UK's biggest urban music festival in Sheffield tonight and earlier gave advice to fans on how to have a Dandy time - by not getting too drunk!

Frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor, in an exclusive chat,

He said: "Try not to get too drunk, because time goes too fast when you are drunk. The minute you clip over to I've got a buzz on, forget it bro - your day is over, before you even know it.

"Be mobile - get around and see everything. Make sure you have enough apples, bananas and water. Your spirits will dwindle if you have low blood sugar and you are dehydrated, you will be miserable.

"Do your research, get excited about it and

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America's chart-topping answer to Britpop, whose name is a play on the name of pop artist Andy Warhol, blend the genres of indie, garage rock, psychedelia and dance to brilliant effect.

They are best know for their smash hit Bohemian Like You - which went global after it featured in a Vodafone advertisement, on TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in DreamWorks/Artman animated movie Flushed Away.

The four piece were championed by the likes of David Bowie, who they performed with and supported live, but they have retained a cult status despite chalking up seven top 40 hits.

Now they are currently promoting their latest and tenth studio album, Distortland - which includes playing The Ponderosa main stage ahead of Dizzee Rascal to open Tramlines tonight (Friday, July 22, 7.15pm).

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Other big names playing Tramlines this year include Catfish and the Bottlemen, George Clinton, The Enemy, Sheffield’s own Everly Pregnant Brothers and Radio 1 presenter DJ Toddla T, playing the festival’s four outdoor stages and 17 venues, from Friday to Sunday, July 22 to 24. Details and tickets at tramlines.org.uk


Formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1994 The Dandy Warhols are singer-guitarist Courtney Taylor-Taylor, his cousin, drummer Brent DeBoer, guitarist Peter Holmström and keyboardist Zia McCabe.

After releasing their debut album, Dandys Rule OK, in 1995, the quartet have gone on to clock up seven Top 40 singles in the UK Chart. Distortland was released in April, and has spawned the singles Catcher in the Rye, STYGGO - Some Things You Got to Get Over - and You Are Killing Me.

The Dandy Warhols were also personally asked by David Bowie to be the opening act for his fall 2003 A Reality tour. That album spawned another hit for the band, the synth-disco jam, We Used To Be Friends.

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Frontman Taylor-Taylor, the creative force behind early noughties alt-rock classics like Bohemian Like You and We Used To Be Friends, said: "Distortland has brought us lots of new fans. It's he first record we’ve made where lpeople start singing along straight away when we play it live.

“We're on an exhausting tour, on the road all year, but we're really looking forward to it."

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