Group of Hongkongers from Worksop screen revolutionary documentary, with proceeds going to Ukraine for humanitarian aid

A group of Hongkongers from Bassetlaw are holding a documentary screening at Christ Church, Thievesdale Close Worksop, with proceeds going to the National Bank of Ukraine for humanitarian aid.

Monday, 4th April 2022, 2:04 pm

The documentary, ‘Revolution of Our Times’ records the revolution in Hong Kong in 2019, which not only focuses on the battle of Hongkongers, but of a war between all freedom lovers and dictatorships of our globe. It explains why there are so many people from Hong Kong coming to the UK through the British National Overseas route (BNO), including some who now live, and have settled in Worksop and the wider Bassetlaw region.

The documentary follows seven groups of protesters, ordinary people from all walks of life in their battle to global freedom.

Hoi Chau, from Worksop, commented “Viewers are reminded to bring themselves some tissues, as it is a shockingly heartbreaking film. We would like to support Ukraine, as we find similarities when comparing Winter on Fire, the 2015 Ukraine documentary and this documentary of Hong Kong.

Revolution of our Times - Documentary

Some Hongkongers have moved in to the Worksop area through the BNO route. We understand that we may put pressure on the resources in this community, but we honestly are ready to immerse ourselves in Worksop, and make a positive contribution to the community”.

The documentary is shown as part the Worldwide Release Scheme, where there will be over 100 screenings across 20 countries, over 10 days in April.

Showtimes are Friday 8 April 1500 and 1900, Saturday 9 April 1500 and 1900.