Doncaster date for Spear star Kirk Brandon

Kirk Brandon is the voice of Spear of Destiny, Theatre of Hate and Dead Men Walking.

Kirk Brandon.
Kirk Brandon.

With more than 15 studio albums and countless single releases, his career now spans more than 30 years.

He has enjoyed worldwide success with all three of the afore-mentioned bands and is also a leader in every punk rock poll by being the singer and songwriter in The Pack.

Over the last nine years, he has released five solo acoustic studio albums, the Dutch Masters series, pulling tracks from all eras of his career and featuring many of the people he has worked and collaborated with over the years, such as Simple Minds’ Derek Forbes, The Alarm’s Mike Peters and Clint Boon, of Inspiral Carpets.

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    The latest of these solo acoustic albums, Dutch Masters Volume Five, has become, in it’s first year of release, the best seller in the series.

    Catch Kirk in Doncaster in a show featuring all the hits and misses, such as Never Take Me Alive, Do You Believe In The Westworld?, Worldservice, So In Love With You and Young Men.

    Kirk Brandon plays The Leopard, Doncaster, on Friday, December 8 - see