Darkness amplifies sound for new installation at Creswell Crags

An immersive sound installation in darkness will bring a whole new experience for visitors to Creswell Crags from September 3-7.

AlanJames Burns at Creswell Crags, by Stephen Garnett/Charlotte Graham Photography.
AlanJames Burns at Creswell Crags, by Stephen Garnett/Charlotte Graham Photography.

In ‘Entirely Hollow Aside from the Dark’, the pitch-black caves will become the setting for an audio artwork by visual and environmental artist, AlanJames Burns.

From 8.45pm and 10pm, visitors will hear a unique soundscape that personifies the voice of Mother Earth as she struggles with her worsening mental health.

In the darkness, an audible inner dialogue echoing Mother Earth’s thoughts and regrets unfold and a symphony of choreographed sounds shifts around the cave mirroring processes of the human mind.

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    The installation takes place in the same cave where that UK’s largest discovery of ‘witch marks’ was discovered just last year, by the entrance to a hole that generations may have considered to be a gateway to the underworld.

    RELATED CONTENT: PORTAL TO HELL: HUNDREDS OF RARE ‘WITCH MARKS’ DISCOVERED AT CRESWELL CRAGS IN SIGNIFICANT DISCOVERYAlan said: “This is a remarkable experience, which actually starts as visitors arrive at the visitor centre in the dark, and by torchlight make their way down to the cave in near silence except for the sounds of wildlife and water flowing into the lake.

    “This almost ritualistic approach to traversing the site prepares the participant for the absolute darkness in the cave, which by its very nature, can be a bit unnerving and disorientating.

    “Once in the darkness, the dank aroma of moist earth and natural cave sounds create a remarkable atmosphere, where the mind is receptive to the soundscape and story that follows.”

    Tickets for the event can be booked online at www.entirelyhollowasidefromthedark.com for £9.