Bassetlaw band Riff Reign releasing new single and album

Bassetlaw band Riff Reign has been very busy since forming in 2014 to develop and record songs written by bassist Dave Wright.

Monday, 25th November 2019, 11:15 am
Updated Monday, 25th November 2019, 11:17 am
Riff Reign release their new single and album this week
Riff Reign release their new single and album this week

The band has self-released six full albums, a blues rock EP and a Christmas single.This week, they are releasing a new Christmas single, entitled Merry Christmas, and their seventh album, called In My Time.Almost all the band’s songs are written by Dave in a wide range of genres, including Americana, blues, country, folk, funk, jazz, pop, rock and the band’s own indie style.New album In My Time includes the track called Time, which was written by Dave in celebration of his and his wifeGwen’s golden wedding anniversary next month.Riff Reign have developed a dedicated following, not least in New York, where their music is played daily on internet station Jango Radio.The band now has more than 7,000 fans worldwide in 161 countries, with 44 per cent of them in the USA. As well as in New York, the band can be heard being regularly played on internet stations Lonely Oak Radio and Radio Wigwam.They have also been played three times on BBC Introducing East Midlands.Local presenter Dave Underwood regularly plays the band on his Wednesday night Spreaker show.Several of the band’s songs are USA influenced.In 1963, Dave’s wife Gwen got herself a New York pen friend, Danielle, through the Beatles fan club.Their friendship has led to Dave and Gwen travelling extensively in the USA with Danielle and husband, Harvey, taking in 34 states.The band also loves to welcome guest artists.Keith Martin has featured on mandolin and melodeon, Colin Wilson on acoustic 12-string guitar, Dave Hunt on harmonica, John Sanderson on tenor sax and flute, Paul (Bud) Broughton on guitars and, from North Carolina USA, Richard Groce on Latin percussion.Several of vocalist Linda Lawrence’s family members teamed up with the band to record new festive single Merry Christmas.Riff Reign records at Swanyard Music in Retford.All tracks can be heard on YouTube and downloads are obtainable at Bandcamp and the other usual platforms.CD’s are available from Dave by emailing him at [email protected]