Vickers and Pycroft take full points in reliability ride

Sunday played host to the second trial in Trent Valley Road Club’s winter reliability trial league.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th January 2014, 2:18 pm

Although technically reliability trials are not a race or a time trial in the purist sense ,they are a battle against the clock to cross the finish line before the end of your selected time band.

The course for this trail was a 28-mile loop and riders choose their time band before the ride starts.

Leading the trial out of Gainsborough were brothers Shaun and Paul Pycroft, James Vickers and Andy Codd.

The four riders pushed a quick pace, soon breaking away from the main bunch.

The weather on the day deteriorated 30 minutes after the ride had started.

The temperature dropped to 3°, the rain became much heavier and the wind picked up by five, to 10mph, making a riding conditions exceptionally difficult.

As the lead group reached the end of the outward leg in Saxilby, Shaun Pycroft stopped to put on an extra layer of clothing but after restarting could not maintain the pace and retired from the ride.

The remaining riders managed a very quick average speed on the return home courtesy of a supporting tail wind and all finishing riders arrived home in their target time band.


Group A (10pts): James Vickers 1hr 21mins, Paul Pycroft 1hr 21mins, Shaun Pycroft DNF.

Group B (8pts): Andrew Codd 1hr 21mins, Justin Atkinson 1hr 31mins, Darren Dickinson 1hr 31mins.

Group C (6pts): Lucy Overton 1hr 31mins, Chris Overton 1hr 31mins, Jeremy Hodson 1hr 31mins Luis Alzua DNF.

This coming weekend the club puts the stop watch down as the Sunday Social ride takes over again.

As always new comers are welcome.

The date for the annual Trent Valley Road Club presentation has been confirmed as the 30th January.

The event will take place at the Peacock Pub on Spittal Hill in Gainsborough, starting at 7pm.

All members and their friends and family are welcome, as are non-members who want to come and say hello.