Sports editor counts cost of break from gym

SPORTS editor Graham Smyth resumes his training regime at Apple Health and Fitness Centre in Worksop after a short, and costly break.

Follow his progress as the experts at Apple put him through weight lifting, cardio sessions, sports massage, spinning classes and more, on Twitter at @GrahamSmyth or @Applegymworksop

A CAMPING trip to Filey kept me out of the gym for just over a week, and what a difference a week makes.

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My first session back was on Tuesday of this week, and within 15 minutes my breakfast was threatening to make an appearance.

A short warm up on the cross trainer was followed by an intense burst on the rowing machine – 500m as quickly as I could row it.

The time was 1min 47secs, a new personal best for me on a machine I find incredibly tiresome.

Personal trainer and budding triathlete and road cyclist Andy Bishop, somewhat of a new boy at Apple, then put me through a circuit that worked out most of my body.

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Bicep curls, a ‘spiderman’ plank, kettlebell swings, leg press, chest press and more had me aching and acutely aware that my breakfast had risen a little.

Thankfully, I still haven’t been worked to the point of vomiting, but this session came close.

My week of no exercise and eating too much rubbish definitely caught up with me.

But mercifully, there was little in the way of muscle soreness the next day and I was able to do a light circuit under my own steam.

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Today, again with Andy, I endured another circuit that once again incorporated rowing (1000m), bicep curls, the plank, sit ups, box press ups, clean and press, tricep extensions and a cycle.

Tuesday aside, I feel much stronger and fitter than I ever have. Not since I was a lithe youngster playing football for 12th Bangor Boys Brigade have I been able to exercise with such intensity.

Admittedly I’ve never excelled in sport, or been in anything like impressive shape, but these last few months have been giant strides in the right direction.

Motivation is still there, my week off has renewed my vigour and I feel like there’s some momentum.

Tomorrow I have another body composition test to see where I am in terms of fitness, strength gains and body fat loss before the final #getgrahamfit push.