Silver for George at national champs

George Carley went one step better and took second spot as junior orienteers from across Bassetlaw competeted at the 2014 British Schools Score Orienteering Championships.

Determined George, who attends the Elizabethan Academy, had previously finished in third place at the 2012 and 2013 Championships.

But he showed the fight needed to get second spot during the event, which took place at Arrow Valley Country Park near Redditch, Worcestershire.

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In the team event Worksop College Prep School finished second in both the boys and girls events and were presented with team silvers.

A number of top 10 performances were also recorded by the Bassetlaw juniors.


Year 5 Girls: 18th Megan Perkins + Lauren Copcutt (Worksop College PS); 25th - Zara Isaacs + Amelia Chrispin (Worksop College PS)

Year 5 Boys: 5th Tristan Isherwood + Edward Howards (Worksop College PS);14th Kishna Haldipur + Freddie Coulson (Worksop College PS); 21st Archie Simms + Ben Drohan (Worksop College PS).

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Year 6 Girls: 5th Alice Carley (St Josephs Primary); 16th Amy Briggs + Olivia Payne (Worksop College PS).

Year 6 Boys: 4th Matthew Pavier + Mason Heslop (Worksop College PS); 6th - Angus McCallion + Tom Drohan (Worksop College PS); 12th Simon Mounde + Elliott Wilkinson (Orchard School); 18th - Seb Price (Worksop College PS).

Year 7 Boys: 25th Callum Wright + Joseph Hutson (Worksop College PS).

Year 8 Boys: 38th Matthew Foster + Laura Sirett (Orchard School).

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Year 9 Boys: 2nd - George Carley (Elizabethan Academy); 4th - Fraser Ridgway (Tuxford Academy).

Year 10 Girls: 12th Eleanor Cooley (Worksop College).

Year 12/13 Boys: 13th Alexander Ridgway (Tuxford Academy).

Team Results:

Worksop College Prep School - 2nd in Middle/Prep Boys School Team; Worksop College Prep School - 2nd Middle/Prep Girls School Team.

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