Rain fails to deter Aegir club cyclists

THE prospect of rain did not deter cycling enthusiasts from taking part in a 87-mile Gainsborough Aegir Leisure Ride to Metheringham.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 11th August 2012, 10:47 am

The riders were Loll Dickenson, Trevor Halstead, Colin Smith, Dave Day and Joe Smith (15).

Daniel Nicholson rode out to Saxilby with the group.

The outward ride was through Lea, Knaith Park, Willingham, Stow, Sturton by Stow, Saxilby, Doddington, Whisby, Thorpe on the Hill, Haddington and Aubourn,

After making the steep climb up The Lincoln Edge at Harmston the ride progressed heading across country through Blankey and Metheringham.

A lunch stop was made at Fen Lakes Fishery at Metheringham where the group was joined by CTC member Rodney Jelfs .

The riders route home was to Kirkstead Bridge following Sustrans route 1 Water Railway to Lincoln. Departing the City along Sustrans route 64 to the Pyewipe then following the Saxilby cycle path to Odder.

The riders then headed across county through Broxholme, Thorpe le Fallows, Stow, Willingham by Stow, Kexby, and Upton returning to Gainsborough along Heapham Road.

The riders were lucky only getting caught out in one thunder shower on Metheringham Fen.

Racing Report

THE start was on Laughton Lane, the riders proceeded towards Laughton at T-junction just before the village a left turning was made heading through Laughton Forest. Making a left turn the riders headed towards East Ferry.

At East Ferry the riverside road was followed heading through Wildsworth to East Stockwith, then turning left heading along Carr Lane to finish at bridge 200 metres beyond entrance to Burnt Bridge Farm.

The evening was windy with a strong head wind down the riverside.

The Reg Booth Trophy for the handicap winner was Liam Hindmarsh.(13)

Personal best times were achieved by Matt Hindmarsh 27 minutes 40 seconds and Karl Peace 27 minutes 57 seconds.

Gainsborough Aegir CC: 1st Simon Hobday 25 minutes 51 seconds, 2nd Jordan Skelly 26 minutes 34 seconds, 3rd Julian Hesp 26 minutes 55 seconds, 4th Matt Hindmarsh 27 minutes 40 seconds, 5th Karl Peace 27 minutes 57 seconds, 6th Joe Noble 28 minutes 18 seconds (juvenile), 7th Liam Hindmarsh 28 minutes 22 seconds (juvenile), 8th Joe Nash 29 minutes 49 seconds, 9th Trevor Halstead 30 minutes 57 seconds, Andy Clarke and Sally Shaw DNF Tandem (mechanical problem).

Private Trials (Non Club Members): 1st Luke Mathews 24 minutes 40 seconds, 2nd Steve Dobson 30 minutes 06 seconds, 3rd Steve Brown 33 minutes 12 seconds (Trike) Scunthorpe Road Club.

Next week’s events are: Sunday August 12th Mystery ride, meet Roseway Gainsborough at 7am (distance to be decided on the day); Wednesday 15th August League 10 mile and juvenile 8 mile time trial meet Laughton Lane 6.15pm first rider off at 6.30pm.