Pounding the pavements: Running blog week six

Worksop Guardian reporter Hayley Gallimore joins Run For It running club.  Pictured centre is instructor Roger Laidlow  (w121010-12a)
Worksop Guardian reporter Hayley Gallimore joins Run For It running club. Pictured centre is instructor Roger Laidlow (w121010-12a)

FOLLOW Worksop Guardian reporter Hayley Gallimore as she embarks on an eight-week beginners running course...

ON Saturday 1st December I’ll be donning a red velvet suit and a white beard for the Bassetlaw Santa Dash 2012.

It’s a 3km fun run around The Canch Memorial park in Worksop, in aid of the wonderful cancer charity Aurora.

Aurora is our charity of the year here at the Worksop Guardian. And we have been overwhelmed by the support shown by Bassetlaw folk for this brilliant cause.

If you want to know more about what they do, and their plans to transform Worksop’s old library, visit http://www.theauroracentre.co.uk/

Hopefully now that I’ve bitten the bullet my colleagues and running pals will sign up for the Santa Dash too... nudge, nudge.

Seriously though, the Run For It beginners running course is going so well that a few of us are confident we’ll be able to jog the 3km course with no problems at all.

At the moment - week six of eight - we’re covering around that distance anyway, but with a few breathers along the way.

The last session at Gateford was a completely uplifting experience for me.

We upped our running time to eight minutes (from five), and repeated that three times.

I’ll admit the two minute walking breaks were a welcome relief. But once I’d caught my breath again I was back raring to run again.

At no point was I gasping for air or having heart palpitations. It was my legs that were the biggest pain.

My calves really ache when I’m running. Not to the point where I need to stop, but enough to make me wince.

Hopefully as I do more running and my legs get stronger that’ll go away. In the meantime I’ll try need to warming-up for longer.

Chatting to the girls on the way round last Wednesday night, it seems we’ve all got the ‘running bug’.

If we’re not thinking about running, we’re searching for tips on the Internet, buying new gear and downloading our favourite energising tunes.

So far I’ve bought a stopwatch, three new running tops (for all weathers, naturally), various reflective armbands and an iPod case to strap around my arm.

It’s seriously addictive. I’ve also been tracking my runs on a nifty website called www.runningmap.com Seeing just how far I’ve run each week really helps keep me motivated.

And it’s a handy tool to use at home before I set out. I can plan how I’ll be running and work out a route that brings me back to my own front door.

Music is also really helping me keep going. And I’ve downloaded loads of cheesy work-out tunes to my iPod.

My current favourites are:

- Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

- Eye of The Tiger (Rocky Theme) by Survivor

- Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

- Running On Empty by Jackson Browne

- Run With Us (The Racoons theme) by Lisa Lougheed

I can heartily recommend these songs to anyone who wants to put a spring in their step while pounding those pavements.

I was talking to Run For It running coach Roger Laidlow the other day about how running can benefit other areas of your life.

It’s true - I’m feeling more energetic during the day, sleeping better at night, eating healthier and generally feeling brighter.

With just two weeks to go until the ultimate challenge of running 30 minutes without stopping, I’m using all that positive energy to get me to the finish line.

- Run For It is a running club which promises to build your fitness in eight weeks so you can run for 30 minutes. Find out more at www.runningcourses.co.uk

Classes take place in Worksop, Harworth, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham. They are open to men and women of all ages and abilities.