Worksop Dolphins' Max Davies impresses at National Para Swimming Championships

Max Davies and club Head coach Giannis Valkoumas.Max Davies and club Head coach Giannis Valkoumas.
Max Davies and club Head coach Giannis Valkoumas.
Worksop Dolphins’ Max Davies (14) competed in four events at the National Para Swimming Championships at Swansea last weekend.

He swam the 50m,100m, 200m Freestyle and 100 metres Breaststroke events and swam the third fastest time amongst swimmers who were also 14 years of age in the 100m Freestyle.

In the 400 metres Freestyle he finished fourth overall - an impressive achievement with the 14-year old going up against swimmers three years older.

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Nearly 40 swimmers from Worksop Dolphins competed in the Notts Festive Frenzy meet in Nottingham over the weekend.

It saw the swimmers achieve many personal best times, collecting four Gold, 13 Silver and seven Bronze medals.

Some of the medal winners are as follows:- Charlotte Ashton gained two third places in the 12yrs 100m, 200m Freestyle, Sophie Smith 13yrs 2nd 100m Freestyle and 3rd 100m Backstroke, Lucy Conroy 15yrs/over 3rd 100m Freestyle and 2nd 100m Backstroke, Jake Franse 14yrs 2nd 100m, 200m Freestyle and 2nd 100m Backstroke, Amy Walker 12yrs 2nd 400m IM and 3rd 200m IM, Luke Baughan-Withington 13yrs 2nd 200m Freestyle,Izzy Lee 14yrs 3rd 100m Butterfly, Euan Hayes-Wormall 13yrs 1st 100m, 200m Backstroke and 2nd 200m IM, Archie Pettinger 11yrs 1st 200m Breaststroke and 2nd 100m Breaststroke, Harry Pyott 13yrs 3rd 100m Freestyle, Emilio McCann 12yrs 2nd 100m Breaststroke, Ellie Smeeton 15/over 1st 200m Butterfly, Raymond Dalby-Rose 11yrs 200m IM, Max Davies 14yrs 1st place using British Para Swim Points.

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