Nottinghamshire CCC ready to put in the hard winter work

Head Coach Peter Moores knows the summer success of Nottinghamshire could depend on getting it right this winter.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 2:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 2:40 pm
Nottinghamshire have begun winter training with head coach Peter Moores knowing the importance of getting it right in the winter to find success in the summer. (Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images)

Notts have returned to winter training and have spent the first two weeks assessing the physical state of players and where improvements can be made.

As part of that each player has an individual plan to follow as Notts look to lay the foundations for future success.

“We have had good success in the last two or three winters in finding an area where we think a player can make the biggest performance improvement when they play for the club,” said Moores.

“The first two weeks are about assessing where people are physically and cricket wise and what they want to get out of the next four months.

“We run a programme that's individually based in a team environment, which identifies the key areas we think need to get better or are their strengths and then we go away to do that work.”

As part of the tight-knit group at Notts, the path to the summer will very much be a group affair.

“It is a shared thing. If you are getting things right you get the input of the coach and the player and come up with the right plan,” added Moores.

“The aim is when they walk out on the turf they can then play better for Notts.

Development is all about people, it is about coaches, players and physios all working together to create an environment where people can get better.

“It is a balance. There needs to be a level of pressure in the practice to make it real, but sometimes you want to be creative and explore areas of your game and what you can get from it.

“You have to do some basic and tough work that will get you ready over the winter to be able to perform in the summer.”