Fitnesss: How reiki can aid our mind and fitness levels

From distant Reiki in lockdown to dreaming of returning to Malaysia where Reflexology treatments are readily available and as much part of a shopping trip as is a Bubble Tea cafe in South East Asia.

By Community Sports Reporter
Monday, 26th April 2021, 3:00 pm
Abi Fenton can help change your body and mindet via reiki.
Abi Fenton can help change your body and mindet via reiki.

The power of complementary therapies on our mind and body fitness has helped guide me from head to toe in life, career and fitness.

Pre-lockdown I loved regular treatments as the ultimate self-care inside out… Reiki is a form of ‘energy healing’ through the hands of a practitioner to assist homeostasis (balance in the internal and hormonal system) alongside Reflexology (pressure points on the foot) to assist with digestion and physical ailments such as migraines.

From someone who comes from a more pharmaceutical focused society, I have always found complementary therapies as powerful if not more so, than traditional medicine. I believe the two go hand in hand.

But for a long-term mindset change I’d heard about Hypnotherapy which can help people to lose or gain weight, address unhealthy habits and sustain motivation.

A clinical Hypnotherapist from Yorkshire, Abi Fenton, who also practices NLP, Reflexology and Reiki from a home treatment room, explains how hypnotherapy works and can even provide people with a “virtual gastric band”:

“Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, and changes the way that we think, the way that we feel about experiences and how we behave about them.

“In hypnotherapy we turn off our conscious mind which is the one that's quite critical and analytical, and it's very aware of everything going on, and we try to switch that off through nice relaxation techniques to begin a hypnotherapy session. And then we talk to the subconscious mind and try to change the way we think and feel.”

As new habits tend to take 21 days to form she recommends treatment for at least this length which involves visualisations and suggestions to form neurological pathways.

She added: “You will learn to listen to your body noticing when you are full and acting on this.

"During our sessions we will look at why you are drawn to food and address the triggers.

"You will feel much more confident in yourself and many people who suffer with stress or anxiety also find this useful in addressing these areas.”

Abi, who left teaching to retrain in natural therapies , said that hypnotherapy can help anyone feel more in control of unhelpful behaviours and addictions.

She said: “Complementary therapies can help everyone to maintain a healthy and balanced life through mind, body and soul.”

Booking in that time for acupuncture, reflexology, massage and whatever floats your boat when it comes to natural therapies is so important to make a self-care date with yourself.

For me, it is so important to make that self-care date with yourself… and if you need others to respect it I just tell them it’s a doctors appointment, until they try a natural remedy that works for them.