Swinging sixties in Worksop

THIS week’s Archive Corner photo shows staff from Batchelors enjoying their works trip to Blackpool in September 1965.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 28th November 2011, 9:04 am

Worksop certainly got into the mood of the swinging 60s with appearances by several top names in the entertainment world.

Among those visiting was singing star Frankie Vaughan who visited in 1965 to help raise money for the National Association of Boys Clubs.

He arrived in a Boys Club Land Rover outside the Miners’ Welfare on Gateford Road, and was escorted to his dressing room, with police standing by in case of hysteria.

During his visit Frankie made a competition draw and lucky female prizewinners received a prize and a kiss from the star. The males had to be content with a prize.

There was an auction of Frankie’s own LP record ‘The Dynamic Frankie Vaughan’ which received an opening bid of 5d, but the total soon rose and it finally went for 72s 6d.

Two super large photos of Frankie went for £1 each.

He was due to mime to his single ‘Darling You’ but the record player broke down so he thrilled the crowd with a live performance instead.

Then with one of his famous kicks, he bid the crowd farewell.

That same year, pop group the Rocking Berries helped launch Gordon Bassett’s hair salon on Ryton Street.