Postcard from town landmark

THIS week’s picture is a postcard showing the Priory Church in Worksop.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 29th December 2012, 9:51 am

It was sent to a Miss Cox in Nottingham with a short message from her mother.

The stamp bears the picture of King George VI so it must date from before our present Queen Elizabeth became monarch in 1952.

The postcard was produced by Valentine’s and on the front it reads ‘The Priory Church, Worksop (7)’ which could mean it was part of a series of seven photos.

It was sent into the Guardian by reader Mrs M Eden, of Worksop.

The Priory Church has been an iconic Worksop landmark for centuries.

It was on 3rd March 1103 that an initial grant of monies and lands was made which founded the great Priory of Our Lady and St Cuthbert.

In later years Worksop Priory was to become a famous centre of learning and piety.

The canons lived together as a community, worshipping and praying in a special part of the Priory called the Choir.

As well as being priests they were scholars and teachers and went out into local villages to teach the Christian faith.

They would teach reading and writing as well as practical skills like building, farming and care of the sick.

The river Ryton supplied them with fresh water.