Nurses at Victoria Hospital

A group of nurses are seen here with a patient at Victoria Hospital, Worksop, in May 1948.

Monday, 27th August 2012, 9:40 am

The photo was emailed to us by Marie Fox, seen front left aged 18, who now lives in New Jersey, USA.

She was a student nurse at the hospital in 1947 and 1948 and said the others were nurses Jones, front right, Charlesworth, middle, and Cliff.

She said: “The man was a patient called Alex who was a prisoner of war. I don’t know what nationality he was but he didn’t speak any English.”

“There were about ten of them in the hospital, some were bedridden but some were walking around. They had the demeanour of officers, even as a young girl I could tell that.”

Marie, maiden name Heaney, lived with her parents in Northern Ireland before moving to Worksop.

“I had a friend who trained at Worksop so I decided to follow her. It was a beautiful little hospital and I have happy memories of Worksop and its nice people, although I found it difficult to understand the coal miners,” she said.

“We did 12-hour days and had half a day a week off.”

“Penicillin was first used in hospital while I was there, I remember being taught how to mix it.”

Marie, 82, was born in Baltimore and moved back to America with her parents. Shas six children and five grandchildren.