Kirton unveil Whipping Post plaque

A HISTORICAL site in Kirton in Lindsey has whipped up quite a fuss after a plaque has been unveiled to celebrate its colourful past.

The Kirton in Lindsey Society, the Town Hall and the Town Council have come together to commission the design and erection of a plaque giving a brief history of the Whipping Post in the town.

Kirton in Lindsey boasts one of the smallest listed buildings in England - the Whipping Post, which may once have been in the prison at Kirton but more likely stood in the Market Place where public punishments took place.

The post has stood outside the Old Police House on Spa Hill for more than a century with no explanation of what it is or how it got there.

A spokesman said: “People walking past can now get a better understanding of what they are seeing and, maybe, just take a moment to think about harsher times when you could be whipped for the smallest of misdemeanour.”