Having a lovely time on Dukeries trip

This week’s Archive Corner picture shows a fleet of charabancs ready to set off on a day trip.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th April 2013, 3:15 pm
Archive Corner
Archive Corner

The photo was brought in to us by Jack Tongue, 92, of Worksop.

His father Fred is driving the second charabanc from the right, sitting in his uniform of top hat and tails, holding the reins.

Mr Tongue thinks the picture dates from around 1910, judging from the clothes worn, but he doesn’t know whereabouts it was taken.

He said: “I remember going on the trips. I think the first time I went I was about 12.”

“People used to come from all over to go on them.”

“They went round the Dukeries. We used to go to Welbeck and go through the tunnels, then on to Edwinstowe where we stopped for a drink.”

“Then we used to come back through Clumber Park.”

“We always went in the summer and it was absolutely wonderful.”

Mr Tongue was a step lad and it was his job to sit on the steps at the back of the landau and pull the brake wheel on whenever they were going downhill, to help the horses.

A band played in the charabanc at the front.

Mr Tongue senior worked on William Raines’ farm, which used to be up Sparken Hill.

The yard for the horses was next to where the Jobcentre is now.

Mr Tongue said: “My dad was a wonderful horse man. He never hit a horse, he had a real way with them.”

“He worked on the farm right up until he retired.”

Mr Tongue‘s mother Lilian had seven children and they lived on Canal Road.

“I was very lucky to have such a wonderful mum and dad,” said Mr Tongue.

If you know where the picture was taken, or have more information, get in touch.