Grocery store staff on show

THIS week’s Archive Corner picture shows Mr W Greatorex’s grocery store on Newcastle Avenue.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 21st May 2012, 9:25 am

The photo was taken in 1904 and shows the front of the shop full of advertising for the goods stocked inside.

Among the staff present in the postcard are Mr A H Hewitt (first left), Mr John H Saxton (second left), Mr W T Brown (ninth left) and Mr W Greatorex himself (10th left).

Others also in the line-up are Messrs A Caudwell, H Latham, T Major, Joseph Saxton and J Snow.

Advertisements on the front of the shop include one for ‘famous’ Gould-Hing Tea.

Goods available in the store included cheese, bacon and lard, fresh roasted coffee and Indian and Ceylon blended tea.

Greatorex was also a spirit and wine merchant.

Above the shop is an advert for the Worksop and Retford Brewery.

Most of the shop staff are wearing long white aprons, the uniform of the day, and there is a delivery cart alongside them.

An advert for the Greatorex Store appeared in White and Co’s (Worksop) Household Almanack of 1905 which also features Gould-Hing Tea.

The price was two shillings per pound and it was proclaimed as being ‘unequalled for quality and fine flavour’.

By 1908 these premises were occupied by cabinet maker G Clark.