Driving a charabanc in Worksop

THIS week’s Archive Corner photo has been sent in by Guardian reader John Burton.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 3rd January 2012, 8:02 am

He was responding to a previous picture we showed of a painting of the famous Lippizaner ponies at Welbeck Abbey in 1912.

That was sent in by Kenneth Burton, of Chigwell, Nottingham, and John believes they may be related.

John, of Harewood Road, Worksop, said: “My paternal grandfather was Alfred John Burton who died in 1973 aged 93 years and who was employed as ‘four in hand’ coachman to the Duke of Portland at Welbeck Abbey.”

“After leaving the duke’s employment, he worked as a coachman for Raines, of Watson Road, Worksop.”

John said this photo was taken around 1909 and shows his grandfather in the driving seat of a charabanc full of passengers. He is not sure of the location, although the sign behind the vehicle could be for Worksop Ales, which would indicate a pub.

“It is entirely possible that Kenneth Burton’s grandfather worked alongside my own grandfather and that they were in some way related to each other,” he said.

Kenneth’s grandfather Edward ‘Teddy’ Burton also worked with horses at Welbeck Abbey, grooming and generally looking after the duke and duchess’s working and leisure, riding horses.

He also met the Rothschilds.