Burgess flour mill gathering

THIS week’s photo shows Burgess flour mill staff at a get-together, probably in the early 1950s.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th January 2013, 2:23 pm

It was brought in to us by Ida Scott, 78, of Worksop, who grew up close to the mill. The photo was given to her by her friend Mrs Powell, whose husband Henry is on the middle row, fourth from left, wearing glasses.

In the middle of the front row are the mill owners Mr and Mrs Burgess, with their son Cedric to their left, and their daughter Celia on the right. Her husband Dr Anderson is next to her.

The mill had previously been owned by Beards, and was close to a dam known as Beards dam.

Mrs Scott said: “I remember the mill very well because I grew up on Newcastle Avenue and we used to play round Beards dam.”

“My father said he remembered when Bertram Mills Circus came to town and they took the elephants to the dam to wash them down with big brushes.”

“It was a wonderful area and all the children played there, I have fond memories of it.”

After the Burgess family, the mill was owned by Frank Coney, and was eventually demolished when the Worksop bypass was built in 1985. The dam was also filled in.

The area where Mrs Scott and her friends played is now St Ann’s estate.

Let us know if you recognise any of the people in the photo or have more information about the mill.