Young Harriers in improved display

Worksop Harriers juniors
Worksop Harriers juniors

The Worksop Harriers improved their position in the Youth Development League, with a fourth-place finish at the second meeting in Stoke-on-Trent.

Junior coach Michele Harrop admitted they needed a period of adjustment to life in a new division, but said she was proud of their early efforts.

“After gaining promotion to division one last year our athletes are beginning to find their feet in the league and they are stepping up to the challenge with some excellent performances,” she said.

“With all the travelling involved it’s a big commitment, but everyone seems to be enjoying the experience.”

Under 13 girls: Laura Betts: high jump ‘A’ (3rd, 1.15), 800m ‘A’ (6th, 3.20.8), 75mH ‘B’ (4th, 17.2); Ellie Fisher: 75mH ‘A’ (5th, 16.0), shot ‘A’ (5th, 4.94), javelin ‘A’ (6th, 12.80); Eugenie Baines: 75m ‘A’ 6th, 11.5), 150m ‘A’ (7th, 23.0), long jump ‘B’ (5th, 3.06); Charlotte Mills: long jump ‘A’ (6th, 3.25), 75m ‘B’ (4th, 11.6), 150m ‘B’ (2nd, 23.3); 4 x 100m relay: Ellie , Eugenie, Charlotte & Laura Betts (6th, 67.3).

Under 13 boys: Laith Gladwin 200m ‘A’ (3rd, 29.7), 1500m ‘A’ (3rd, 5.43.1), high jump ‘A’ (5th, 1.25); Regan Langley: shot ‘A’ (3rd, 6.69), javelin ‘A’ (4th, 18.68); Ewan Bowns: long jump ‘A’ (4th, 4.10), 100m ‘A’ (6th, 15.2), 800m ‘B’ (3rd, 2.53.9); Callum Ward: 75mH ‘A’ (4th, 17.6), 800m ‘B’ (4th, 6.37.3), long jump ‘B’ (3rd, 3.20); Ethan Warner: 800m ‘A’ (5th, 2.49.8), 100m ‘B’ (5th, 15.2), 75mH ‘B’ (2nd, 17.6); Joseph Ellis: javelin ‘B’ (2nd, 14.82); Hayden Greaves : high jump ‘B’ (3rd, 1.20), 200m ‘B’ (6th, 33.0); Oliver Oakes: shot ‘B’ (4th, 3.57); 4 x 100m relay: Ethan, Ewan, Hayden & Laith (2nd, 63.9).

Under 15 girls: Emily Race: 75mH ‘A’ (2nd, 12.0), high jump ‘A’ (4th, 1.40), shot ‘A’ (5th, 7.53); Sophie Mills: 100m ‘A’ (3rd, 12.8), 200m ‘A’ (3rd, 26.4), long jump ‘A’ (3rd, 4.64); Amelia Harrop: Hammer ‘A’ (4th, 11.32), javelin ‘A’ (7th, 12.59), 1500m ‘B’ (5th, 6.55.8); Emma Greaves: 1500m ‘A’ (6th, 6.39.7), 200m ‘B’ (6th, 30.9), long jump ‘B’ (6th, 3.27); Charlotte Oakes: 800m ‘A’ (6th, 2.48.8), discus ‘A’ (7th, 10.49), 100m ‘B’ (4th, 14.1); Lucy Harrop: 300m ‘A’ (7th, 52.3), 75mH ‘B’ (3rd, 16.3), discus ‘B’ (5th, 9.69); Victoria West: 300m ‘B’ (6th, 56.7), 800m ‘B’ (4th, 3.11.1), shot ‘B’ (6th, 3.90); 4 x 100m relay: Emma, Emily, Charlotte & Sophie (2nd, 57.6).

Under 15 boys: Nathan Langley: shot ‘A’ (1st, 10.90), 80mH ‘A’ (2nd, 12.9), discus ‘A’ (2nd, 30.11); Josh Charters: 800m (1st, 2.16.9), 300m ‘A’ (5th, 43.3), discus ‘B’ (5th, 15.57); Nathan Garrett: high jump ‘A’ (2nd, 1.55), long jump ‘A’ (4th, 4.81), 200m (7th, 28.6); James Carratt: hammer ‘A’ (3rd, 19.14), shot ‘B’ (1st, 6.44); Thomas Hall: javelin ‘A’ (5th, 16.15), 100m ‘B’ (7th, 15.4), 200m ‘B’ (7th, 32.2); William Hickton: 100m ‘A’ (6th, 13.6), long jump ‘B’ (2nd, 4.68), high jump ‘B’ (2nd, 1.45); 4 x 300m relay: Nathan G, William, Josh & Nathan L(1st, 3:05.3).