Worksop Golf Club titles go to Oates and Stockdale

Worksop Guadian Sport logo, Golf
Worksop Guadian Sport logo, Golf
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At Worksop Golf Club members battled it out for a number of competitions this month, including the Ladies Longbottom Final and the 36-hole scratch and handicap events.

Keir Stockdale picked up the handicap title with rounds of 70 and 67, and was second in the scratch section.

Andrew Oates was declared the Worksop Golf Club scratch champion, shooting rounds of 66 and 69.

Results: Ladies Medal 11 played on Tuesday 2nd September: Division One winner: H. Ikert 86-09-77; runner-up: B. Wilcox 96-19-77.

Division Two winner: M. Jacobs 105-29-76; runner-up: C. Bleasdale 101-25-76.

Mens Medal 11 played on Thursday 4th September: Division One winner: M. Hardy 71-04-67; runner-up: C. Barlow 72-03-69; third: J. Smedley 70-00-70

Division Two winner: K. Flanagan 77-13-64; runner-up: D. R. Dickinson 83-13-70; third: J. Robson 84-13-71

Division Three winner: R. Sherwood 92-21-71; runner-up: L. Beard 88-16-72; third: J. Hallam 92-19-73.

Best Gross: A. Oates 70

Thirty-six hole Scratch and Handicap Trophies played on Saturday 6th September: Scratch winner: A. Oates 66 + 69; Scratch runner-up: K. Stockdale 71 + 68

Handicap winner: K. Stockdale 70 + 67; Handicap runner-up: B. Tomlinson 71 + 68.

Ladies Longbottom Final played on Sunday 7th September: Winner: A. Pogmore 97-25-72; Runner-up: A. Haddon 92-11-81

Mens Medal 12 played on Saturday 13th September: Division One winner: N. Hadfield 69-01-68; runner-up: D. Stockdale 76-06-70; third: G. Breen 75-05-70.

Division Two winner: G. Doughty 83-13-70; runner-up: J. Robson 83-12-71; third: J. Irons 82-10-72

Division Three winner: N. Shardlow 87-17-70; runner-up: 90-15-75; third: B. Dykes 91-16-75

Best Gross: J. Smedley 67

Ladies Individual Stableford played on Tuesday 16th September: Division One winner: J. Beevers (13 Handicap) 34pts; runner-up: A. Higgins (15 Handicap) 33pts.

Division Two winner: C. Linathan (21 Handicap) 39pts; runner-up: L. Dyson (28 Handicap) 37pts.

Mens Individual White Stableford played on Saturday 20th September: Division One winner: D. Stockdale (5 Handicap) 39pts; runner-up: M. Willgoose (1 Handicap) 39pts; third: C. Barlow (3 Handicap) 39pts.

Division Two winner: S. Clarke (12 Handicap) 42pts; runner-up: S. Topley (12 Handicap) 41pts; Division Two Third: S. Keeling (11 Handicap) 39pts.

Division Three winner: T. Stevens (22 Handicap) 45pts; runner-up: L. Williamson (21 Handicap) 43pts; third: J. Hallam (19 Handicap) 38pts.