Worksop beat their Argentinan visitors

St George's School visiting Worksop College
St George's School visiting Worksop College

Worksop College played host to an Argentinian school for the second year running, taking them on in hockey and rugby action.

In the rugby game against St George’s School, Worksop came into their own, winning by a convincing scoreline of 57-14.

Will Lyon’s try, scored from his own half was particularly memorable as was the pitch invasion by the entire upper sixth form in celebration.

The girls’ hockey was equally as exciting and together with an excellent team display, there were two great goals from Ellie Jackson and Mallory Towson.

The visitors did not manage to score thanks to a strong Worksop defensive performance in the 2-0 win.

Worksop College are hoping the next encounter and sporting rematches will be on South American soil.