Woodend Pub progress into Knockout final

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A fantastic evening of snooker at a packed Welbeck Club saw Woodend Pub progress to the final of the Knockout Cup, at the expense of Breakers X

The very first frame of the evening saw the X-men’s David Wheat take on Woodend’s Dave Smith and it was Smith who played a superb frame, potting everything he went for and leaving nothing in return.

The result, Smith won by a massive 87 points and it looked like he had won the match before it had barely started.

The second frame saw Paul Milverton attempt to claw back some lost ground against Dave Padley.

For most of the frame there was nothing to choose between this pair.

However Milverton made a decisive 22 clearance at the end including an incredible pink to black power screw shot to claw a little back for the X-men.

Ex-pro Guy Dennis clawed a few more points back in the third frame, thanks to a 33 break against Gav Parry.

Dennis was made to work hard though as Parry stole the initiative early on with a 12 break which put Dennis on the back foot.

With the aggregate points totalled up it meant that Craig Frost had to give a massive 108 start to Tony Broughton in the last.

Frost looked to be in fine form and a break of 32 gave him a chance.

However, Broughton took a few risks and potted enough reds to mean that with five reds left Frost needed three snookers and all the balls with blacks to win.

Frost played superbly to take the required reds and blacks and then used exquisite cue ball control to get the required snookers, meaning that the match would all come down to the pink.

And Frost with the wind in his sail elected to play an ambitious cut on the pink and send his cue ball around the table for black ball position, only to over cut the pink which was to be the end of his Houdini bid.

Broughton potted a difficult pink of his own to the relief of his team mates to end the match and see Woodend Pub take their place in the final of the Knockout Cup.

In the final they will meet Anston on Saturday 28th March at Stanley Street Club.