Why Scott left Scotland and Braehead Clan for Sheffield Steelers

Scott Aarssen
Scott Aarssen

Scott Aarassen joined Steelers today saying it had been an easy decision to jump ship from Braehead Clan, after four seasons there as assistant captain.

The creative defenceman completes the Sheffield roster for the 2017-18 Elite League season, pipping all the other teams in the League to do so.
The Canadian (inset) joined Clan in 2013 from Dornbirner EC (Austria) and become their longest-serving import.
“I had an incredible four years with Ryan Finnerty and the team” said Aarassen. “We made huge progress as a club in that time. If I’m being honest I would have probably returned if it wasn’t for the interest from Sheffield. I didn’t think I’d get the opportunity to play for Steelers but when the chance came it was an easy decision.
“Sheffield has been ‘the club’ in the UK during my four years over here playing” Aarssen said. “They are the standard bearer, the club others look up to and aspire to be.
“The deal happened quickly once Paul Thompson made contact with me, there wasn’t much thinking to do.

"This is a new chapter in my career and one I’m looking forward to. This is a dream come true for me.”
Coach Thompson said it had been a priority to identify a puck-moving defencemen: “But we also wanted a player that had a high compete level and will be defensively sound for us. We had four options but I felt that Scott was the most rounded.
“He has been the Clan’s top scoring defencemen for the last four years.
“Even though I’ve seen Scott play over the last couple of seasons, it was only when we started to take a real good look at him and watch the videos did we realise that we really liked what we saw. He doesn’t take nights off, we like his consistency and want him to bring that game to Sheffield.
“Overall I’m very happy with the mixture and balance of our back end” said the coach.