Wheelers ride 70 miles

Worksop Wheelers at Lincoln Cathedral
Worksop Wheelers at Lincoln Cathedral

A group of 30 Worksop Wheelers riders took on a ride of around 70 miles last weekend.

The group set off from The Palms at 8.30am, with a mix of regular riders, newcomers and some returning after absence.

Setting off promptly, the Wheelers travelled in the direction of Oldcotes, Harworth, Retford, Gainsborough and Lincoln, where they took a well earned coffee break.

After refreshments and a photo at the Cathedral the Worksop cyclists made the journey home.

This time they took a slightly different route, going through Saxilby, Newton-on-Trent, East Drayton and on towards Retford and finally Worksop.

A slightly quicker pace on the homeward journey found the group splitting up into smaller groups but no one was left behind.

The quickening of the pace meant they got back into Worksop for around 2pm.

Everyone managed a very respectable 70-plus miles, with at least one group going on to finish with over 100 miles on the day.

A club spokesperson said: “A big thank you goes to our resident satnav, Shaun Atkinson, who also doubled as team mechanic when one member of the group had a mechanical breakdown.”

“Thanks again guys for a great run out, also a big Wheelers welcome to the new members who came out and hopefully everyone enjoyed the day.”

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