Warmer weather is bringing the carp up

Cliff Ornsby with a 10lb 7oz catch at Toft Newton
Cliff Ornsby with a 10lb 7oz catch at Toft Newton

The warmer weather is finally here, bringing the carp up in the water with shallowfished baits working best at most commercials.

Worksop & District AA have reported increased catch rates on the Chesterfield Canal, which is a good sign.

Fish over ground bait to entice in the bigger fish and keep them in the swim.

Huge bream catches are being reported along Retford and Worksop lengths.

Tench arealso showing in numbers.

Fishy pictures are getting a bit thin on the ground so if you have any, be sure to email them over to me and I’ll make you famous.

Andy Sellars is no stranger to the leader board but even he must have been surprised when he stormed to victory at Hallcroft, beating the rest of the field by more than 50lb.

Andy’s winning weight of over 201lb of carp fell mainly to groundbait feeder with maggot hook bait, cast to the middle of the lake.

He later switched to the margins, netting bonus fish to 11lb.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Sun Open, Holmedale: 1st G Hazelwood, Vale AC, peg 9, 121-14-0, pole pellet fished shallow at 12m for carp to 6lb; 2nd J Turton, Boundry AC, peg 20, 103-10-0; 3rd J Woodland, Sherwood FF, peg 31, 96-12-0.

Lakeside Fisheries: Wed Open: 1st M Holmes, peg 23, 95-13-0, pole chopped worm & caster for carp; 2nd N Footitt, peg 17, 75-10-0; 3rd N Wheatcroft, peg 37, 75-6-0.

Sat Paul’s Club, 2nd strip: 1st P Martin, peg 1, 61-2-0, pole pellet for a mixed bag of carp & skimmers; 2nd B McGowan, peg 6, 51-10-0; 3rd R Hanson, peg 4, 50-9-0.

Sun Wickesley: 1st D Challender, peg 26, 65-12-0, pole pellet for an all-carp net; 2nd J Powell, peg12, 65-5-0; 3rd M Shaw, peg 13, 64-14-0.

Carp Lake: Mark Storey fished cell boilies from peg 1 to land 11 fish, including a specimen common of 24lb 11oz.

Trout Lake: Peter Thompson used orange fritz on a sinking line to tempt out 7 fish, including a 6lb rainbow.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans Open, Bridge: 1st I Donaldson, Notts AA, peg isl 26, 93-2-0, rod & centrepin did it again for Ian with a mixed bag of carp & skimmers falling to maggot over gb; 2nd N Wood, Leegem, peg out 5, 86-14-0; 3rd C Line, Retford Angling Centre, peg isl 24, 86-12-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Moat: 1st I Temple, Retford, peg out 98, 163-0-0, carp to 12lb; 2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, peg isl 26, 132-8-0; 3rd R Toulson, Notts AA, peg isl 17, 101-4-0.

Fri Pm Open, Moat: 1st A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg out 95, 201-9-0, gb feeder mag for carp to 11lb; 2nd D Dare, Marukyu, peg out 100, 151-3-0; 3rd S Pimperton, Sheffield, peg isl 23, 136-4-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st D Dare, Marukyu, peg isl 37, 153-4-0, mag over gb at 6m down margins; 2nd C Owen, Doncaster, peg isl 27, 82-13-0; 3rd S Conry, Sheffield, peg out 16, 78-5-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, peg 67, 185-10-0, pole pellet & meat fished shallow for a mainly carp net; 2nd J Masson, Maver/ Marukyu, peg 61, 167-2-0; 3rd B Sullivan, Maltby, peg 41, 104-6-0.


British Gas AC: Lodge Farm, Field Lake: 1st B Richardson, peg 3, 92-11-0, pellet feeder for carp; 2nd B Corbett, peg 1, 90-10-0; 3rd S Hill, peg 9, 90-5-0.

Bank End, West Lake: 1st K Walters, peg 18, 96-1-0, pole pellet fished shallow, all-carp net; 2nd G Lawman, peg 16, 92-12-0; 3rd A Hill, peg 10, 78-6-0.

Tuesday Club: Bankend: 1st B Richardson, peg 28, 85-14-0, pole pellet fished shallow for an all-carp net; 2nd K Walters, peg 22, 72-4-0; 3rd J Moore, peg 24, 63-11-0. Lodge Farm, Lily Pond: 1st B Richardson, peg 59, 90-15-0, pole pellet; 2nd K Walters, peg 58, 70-2-0; 3rd K Morris, peg 64, 43-13-0.

Grafton AA: Tyram Hall: 1st S Short, 76-4-0; 2nd M Simpson, 38-3-0; 3rd B Pool, 35-1-0 35.

Worksop & District AA: Dates for Thurday open matches at Sandhill Lake, Worksop: June 13th, 27th, July 11th, 25th, August 8th, 22nd.

Draw 9am, fish 10am to 4pm, entry £10.

Details 01909 486350.

Stanley Street SC: Final match of Spring League, Hayfield: 1st B Richardson, peg 56, 75-4-0, pole pellet fished shallow, all-carp catch; 2nd S Hill, peg 36, 46-12-0; 3rd D Brown, peg 35, 42-12-09.

Summer Series starts at Low Marnham Farm 9th June Draw 8:30am.

Details 01909 486893

Toft Newton: 107 rods caught 394 fish, giving a rod average of 3.7.

Junior angler Isaac Slack landed the biggest fish of the week at 14lb 3oz.

Cliff Ornsby managed a 10lb 7oz specimen and Ralph Baines a 6lb 6oz brownie.

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