Video: Sheffield Steelers' Davey Phillips frustrated with wrist injury - blames himself

Davey Phillips puts some of the blame on himself for his fractured and dislocated wrist, which will keep him out of the Sheffield Steelers' line up until well into the New Year

The defenceman was hurt against Belfast Giants, but stresses it was a clean hit on the boards.

Davey Phillips

Davey Phillips

"It was a bit of my own fault, to be honest. It's ice hockey, it's a physical sport" he said.

"I exposed my arm in a bit of a vulnerable position, left it out there, he caught my body and I think his backside maybe caught it.

"He was a big lad, and I put my arm in an awkward spot."

Phillips, who will have the injury assessed on Monday, added: "I was gutted, a new coach coming in, he's got us working hard, I thought my conditioning was really good and learning systems well we've been winning a lot of games. It is disappointing but one of those things."

The Great Btitain ice hockey regular said while the Elite League title was "a bit of a far stretch at the minute" he said the team were focused on winning trophies in 2019.

Steelers host Coventry Blaze tomorrow.

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