Video: Sarich calls for cool heads in Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers play off series

The victors in this weekend’s Play off quarter finals may be the team that keeps its head, predicts Sheffield Steelers defenceman Rod Sarich.

The veteran skater and his side take on Nottingham Panthers on Saturday and Sunday. And while games, historically, can be volatile between the two, a sense of cool detachment will be a valuable ally, Sarich thinks. “It’s going to be highly emotional, the team that keeps their heads the most and makes the least amount of mistakes because of it will probably come out the winners” he said.

With nearly 600 Steeler games under his belt, its advice that carries weight. And Sarich will play in the series, given that Mike Ratchuk is injured. Sarich says it will be a different match to the March 24 outing to the NIC which Steelers won 3-2.

“It is a going to be different, play offs always are. They will be out there running and gunning a bit, I like to think we will be the same. It will be a different affair than it was (last Friday) but saying that we have played quite well against them.”

Sarich, who will again bow out of roster contention when he retires at the end of the season, said he leaves behind a “good dressing room, we have got a good mix of guys.

“We have got hard workers and finesse guys. And everyone has a laugh and that’s probably the most important thing. Especially down the stretch. It’s a good bunch of guys.”

Rod Sarich

Rod Sarich

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