Video: I am back in Sheffield to help transform Steelers’ fortunes, says big John Armstrong

John Armstrong says he re-joined Steelers to be at the centre of a club revolution.

The centreman left a financially-ailing Medvescak Zagreb to return to Sheffield, who are struggling in the lower half of the league.

After a mixed start in Tom Barrasso's team, Armstrong has his eyes on the Play Offs - and a whole new outlook for season 2019-20.

Asked whether it was a hard decision to return, the forward replied: "I did have second thoughts, my head bounced back and forth so many different times. Every five minutes I would have a new idea in my head, or a new team that I was possibly going to, but after talking to Tony (Smith) and Simmsey, (Dave Simms) they really excited me about the idea of building for the future.

"That is why I didn't only sign for this year I signed for the next. Hopefully, we can get things rolling this year, win the play offs and then come in and have a huge start for next season."

Armstrong added: "Steelers are a winning organisation. They are going to find a way to win. I wanted to be at the centre of the start of that. I wanted to be here while we are building."

John Armstrong re-joined Steelers to be at the centre of a club revolution.

John Armstrong re-joined Steelers to be at the centre of a club revolution.

The player revealed money had been thin on the ground at Medvescak Zagreb.

"They had financial problems, they hadn't paid us for about two months, and it was time to go. There was a bunch of us who kind of said: 'We have got to get paid, if we are going to play.'

"They said they didn't know if the money is coming so about half the team left."

Other teams in the Elite League courted Armstrong, but his affection for Sheffield was a key factor.

"Sometimes you don't know how good you have it until you leave. We (him and his fiancee) are both really happy to be back."

Despite the inconsistent results, the spirits are up inside the Steelers camp, he said.

"The mood in the dressing room , even though things have been a little rough, it seems comfortable.

"Guys seem happy and getting aling and hanging out and having fun even when times are rough, they stick together and battle together.

"The core Brits are still here and that's really important in this league that's how you build a good team. I was happy to see those guys, we build out from there."