Video: How Sheffield Steelers are preparing to up their game next season

Sheffield Steelers aim to field a blend of "cultured" and "hungry" players who will be tasked with improving last year's goalscoring output.

Steelers were a modest fourth in the League scoring race last season; that was one of the reasons the campaign did not end well.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson

The club has announced seven new forward signings so far.

And coach Paul Thompson is hoping they will represent a sharper cutting edge than last year's side.

"It's all about balance. (Tanner) Eberle will give us that heart and soul.

"Losing Levi, (Nelson) who gave us spirit, we want those type of players.

"He's young, 24 years old, he can't wait to get here and prove his worth.

"(Evan) McGrath, he's smart, skilled, he's been around, a good hockey IQ, knows what he is doing.

"Offensively we are trying to improve and this is nothing against anybody else but we didn't get to the heights that we set ourselves last year.

"So we have tried to get a balance of players, a younger core, with a little bit more offensive creativity and upside than we had last season."

Asked who had the most impressive CV, Thompson said: "(Jordan) Owens a straight AHL guy as was McGrath; they both went into Europe and had successful careers, they are cultured players.

"(Justin) Buzzeo finished in Germany so he has had some European experience. Again it's the balance.

"We want that hunger that I don't think we got on a nightly basis last year and we need that to be successful.

"And that is what Cardiff had every night, they brought it every night.

"We are pretty excited with what we have right now."

Defensively, Thompson has inked three new blue liners, with more on the way.

He said Davey Phillips and Mark Matheson had been "huge" performers last year.

The departing Ben O'Connor's spot had gone to Josh McFadden.

He was "brought in to replace that style, and I think McFadden is going to be a hugely good player for us. And I think he is going to surprise a lot of people with his offensive upside.

"We have five out of our top six, we have young (Jordan) Griffin, 16, who makes it seven, so we have got one to sign and one we haven't announced."

The stay-at-home d-men are in place.

The last signing would be an "all round, puck-moving guy that can give us that second layer on the rush, and jump in on the Power Play.