VIDEO: Boxing is a family affair for Christian Kinsiona and his ambitious brothers

He is otherwise known as the ‘Beast’ and has come a long way from the tearaway youth who was regularly in trouble with police in Sheffield.

Now, Christian Kinsiona is the eldest of three talented siblings hoping to take the boxing world by storm.

The 25-year-old is now turning heads for all the right reasons with a winning start to his heavyweight professional career in April, after knocking out Newcastle opponent John Barnes in the fourth round at Magna, in Rotherham.

But things may have worked out very differently for Christian had it not been for a chance meeting with the former European super-bantamweight star Kid Galahad in his local area.

“I was never in a gang but was constantly in trouble with the police in Sheffield in my teens,” the London-born boxer said.

“I was very sporty growing up; football was my first love.

“But after I was turned away by Sheffield Wednesday and United, after trials, I fell into a bad way of life.

“Kid Galahad is well known in the area and he does a lot of work in the community. One day he approached me on the streets, and said I should put my size and strength to good use.

“I hadn’t really thought of boxing but after that conversation, I watched Kid in action and it really inspired me.

“I decided to turn my life around also, after the birth of my son. I realised I needed to be a role model for my family and this also included my younger brothers.”

Christian original started at a gym in Parson Cross but soon after moved to Galahad’s base, the Ingle gym.

There, he boxed for several years at amateur level under local legend Brendan Ingle, who has trained world champions including Prince Naseem Hamed.

Christian has recently moved under the wing of Robert Riley, the head coach at Jubilee Boxing Club in Hillsborough.

Standing at 5ft 10in, Christian isn’t the only member of his family looking to make an impact in the ring.

Levi, 19, fights at light-welter weight and has won all his five amateur fights this year.

Younger sibling Dan, 16, is a light-middleweight fighter and a current Yorkshire champion. Both are aiming to fight for Great Britain in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

“It was important for us all to be training together,” Christian, promoted by Dennis Hobson, said.

“We’re known as ‘Only The Brothers,’ because this is what is going to set us apart and help us all improve massively.

“Rob is a truly unbelievable trainer. He has seen great potential in all of us, and it’s amazing to know that we have somebody who is in our corner all the way.

“I personally want to be heavyweight champion of the world and I really think all of us can go onto break records.”

Levi, who took up boxing two-and-a-half years ago, added: “We are dedicated to getting all the way to the top.

“Growing up with eight brothers certainly has benefits in the competitive stakes, and this really shows in training!”

“Both myself and Dan want to fight at the 2020 Olympics and we’ll both give everything to get there. Sometimes it can be so hard to get up and motivate yourself when it’s 5am but, because I know my brothers are going to be there, it pushes me out of bed.”