Toft Newton pair qualify for a final

Andy Hutson and George Picker with their winning catch
Andy Hutson and George Picker with their winning catch

Toft Newton’s Andy Hutson and George Picker have qualified for the Scierra Pairs final after landing 41lb of trout at their venue.

Second place John Cooke and Warren Langridge also managed a commendable weight of just less than 40lb.

Both teams are guaranteed a place in this year’s final, at Rutland Water in September, with £1,500 on offer.


Kristian Powers pulled out all the stops on Wednesday to land the biggest match weight of the week fromSherwood Forest Fishery’s Holmedale Lake, tipping the scales at 165lb 9oz.

Powers started on the pole at distance, fishing shallow before changing tak in the closing stages to bag bonus carp from the margins on corn.

Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tuesday Open, Sherwood Lake (20 pegs): 1st Simon Langton, Peg One Angling, peg 36, 85-5-0, fishing 12m pole on two lines, good net of skimmers and ide before dropping down the margins for bonus carp to 8lb; 2nd Lee Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg, 40, 73-15-0, pole maggot and corn close in for a mixed bag of silvers and carp; 3rd Dave Round, Woodhouse Angling, peg 41, 70-12-0; 4th Dave Hiley, Matrix Dynamite, peg 53, 56-7-0.

Wednesday Open, Holmedale Lake (24 pegs): 1st Kristian Powers, peg 39, 165-9-0, 13m pole pellet fished up in the water, carp to 5lb, switching to the margins with corn late on to land carp over double figures; 2nd Mick Langton, peg 51, 151-1-0, pole pellet shallow to net 38 carp to 8lb; 3rd Nigel Shipman, peg 47, 120-9-0; 4th Jeff Wiseman, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 42, 112-0-0.

Sunday Open, Holmedale Lake (26 pegs): 1st Chris Greensides, Dynamite Matrix, peg 39, 134-12-0, switching from fishing pellet feeder cast to the island to pole at differing depths, carp to over 7lb; 2nd Nigel Shipman, peg 51, 114-7-0, shallow pole pellet for a good bag of carp to 7lb; 3rd Leon Hardwick, Mosbourgh Tackle Box, peg 56, 102-5-0; 4th Andy Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 36, 91-8-0.


Grafton AC: Torne Bank Fishery Open: 1st Simon Short, 73-12-0, pellet waggler; 2nd Ian Topham, 66-0-0, pole pellet on the bottom; 3rd Roy Ayto, 41-0-0, pellet waggler.

Stanley St Social Club: Sunday, Westwoodside Fisheries: 1st Mel Kirton, peg 6, 128-6-0, pellet feeder with 8mm pellet on the hook, carp to double figures; 2nd Bill Richardson, peg 17, 79-9-0, pellet feeder for an all-carp net; 3rd Steve Pogson, peg 10, 72-12-0, carp taken mostly from the margins.

The next draw is at 9am at Clearwateron on 10th May.