They seek him here, they seek him there...Sheffield Steelers' Scarlet Pimpernel

It's hard to keep track of Mark Matheson when you are watching Sheffield Steelers from the stands.

He's all over the shop.

But if it's tough to keep an eye on him from the sidelines, imagine what its like trying to contain him on the ice.
The 33-year-old Canadian left-shot skater was up and down the ice so quickly last weekend that fans weren't sure if his best position was a defenceman or a winger.
"I try to make it part of my game, if there is a spot to go up, it's harder to defend, I think" explained Matheson, who was a Continental Cup Champion with French team Rouen in 2015-6.
"It creates a little bit of opportunity for our forwards and I will try and do that as much as I can.
"I talked to the coach, I think they look to me to jump up there in the play like that. Our forwards hold on to the puck and allow me to do that."
Matheson will get his first taste of what it's like to play the Elite League champions on Saturday, when Cardiff Devils come to town.
But the 17-season veteran says its not just Devils that Steelers have to measure themselves against.
"I think there are going to be a few really good teams in this league that we are going to have to play really well against" he said.
"I like to think we have a good team and we have proved it early on here.
"It's a long season, though, so we just have to play our game."
Matheson thought his side showed their mettle in the late, late win over Nottingham Panthers, last Sunday.
The result showed "the maturity of our group, we had patience to stick to our game."
He said they had a team capable of grinding opponents down.
Zack Fitzgerald and Matt Marquardt are not expected back from injury this weekend.
And Matheson commented they were important to the team, but "in the meantime, we are doing a good job picking up for those guys."
The player also complimented the all-new line of Tim Wallace, Jonas Westerling and Juha Koivisto.
"I think they did a great job for the most part, they kept it simple and they are all great hockey players, so hockey-sense takes over."

Mark Matheson - a great Steelers' pick up, will face Cardiff Devils this weekend

Mark Matheson - a great Steelers' pick up, will face Cardiff Devils this weekend